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Sustainocracy is a word that combines the accountability of “Sustainable human progress”, referring to the 5 core natural conditions to evolve as a species within our natural ecosystem. And “Democracy” which relates to our freedom of choice, not just of a direction, which is already determined by our evolution, yet our priorities to sustain the 5 core conditions together.

5 core conditions

Sustainocracy is a shared responsibility of all human beings and their institutions (which all have their own fragmented accounatbility) together. It is therefor referred to as peer 4 regional development, an awareness driven eco-system and co-creation. Sustainocracy does not replace our previous societal formats, it adds a dimension to it. Sustainocracy itself is hence an evolutionary step for humankind, not a revolution. It is a choice we can make anywhere in the world and join into a global network of values driven co-creativeness.

AiREAS in Eindhoven (Holland) is the first operational experimental example.

What is AiREAS?

School of Talents is another sustainocratic method to engage our youngest adult generations.



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