Memorandum of Understanding to combat the effects of radiation

Today I signed in the name of the STIR Foundation (City of Tomorrow) a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian SYENERGY ENVIRONICS Ltd to work together on reducing the effects of the tremendous amount of radiation that has accumulated around us through all kinds of electronic and communication devices. This interview of physicist Barry Trower, published on YouTube is worrying enough. We tend to look positively at our progress and firmly believe that education and awareness within sustainocratic cooperations is the best way to eliminate the lethally manipulative powers that affect us today.

In STIR we committed to core natural human values. Not only governance is held accountable for this, our entire societal commitment to life and wellness is. Such accountability is proving to be the driving force behind a whole stream of new entrepreneurial activities with a perspective of economic development and social engagement for many decades to come.

In the region of Eindhoven we look for a few show cases in which we can demonstrate the positive effects of dealing with raditions in a progressive and responsible way. The effects show in our health, productivity and even our genetic herritage.


Smart city and future mobility

The 24 hours non stop HEX Hackathon on April 1st in Eindhoven was a brilliant setting of about 100 creative young minds.

About 20 teams were established and 6 challenges were presented, 2 of which were proposed by AiREAS (air quality, health and city dynamics) and the AiREAS partner TNO: Smart Cities have healthy air and Future Mobility if we ban the car from the city.

11 out of 20 teams choose to work on these two challenges. They were asked not only to be creative, societal relevance and impact was also key. They were already provided with three possible lines of thought: human persuasion to change behavior (leave that car and take some alternative transport means), think of alternative means that do not impact so negatively as cars in cities, or propose redesign of the city’s infrastructure.

Practical results:

  • Team Delft: A game to make people aware of air quality and stimulate them to walk or go by bike.
  • Cool kids can’t die: Awareness on air quality for kids
  • NOObs: Future mobility using LoRa

Future mobility


  • Heks Hacks: People receive an energy lable for their travel choices
  • D3SH: Car Surf, a new way of dynamic carpooling
  • R-aware: ???
  • Autopool: Event based car pooling
  • Eco Score: Competition between municipalities on “best Eco Score”
  • Amelioration: ???
  • Gone Good: the habit of doing good
  • The challenge Crackers: define instant challenges

All teams have been invited to the School of Talents to further develop their creative ideas and introduce it into society using the network of the City of Tomorrow and AiREAS with the Sustainocratic coaching skills of the School of Talents.

School of Talents proves to be motor of new age startups

When I started to challenge students in universities or high schools to help me develop a healthy city from their study perpective all kinds of entrepreneurial ideas appear. In the School of Talents we work them out into societal relevance with target community groups. New startup business develop appears as soon as large groups of people start connecting to the persuasive invitaion to do something with their own quality of life.

Healthy city development is just one aspect of Sustainocratic resonance and accountability. If we take all the 5 core conditions then a totally new wave of 100’s of new products and services appear. We even refer to this new kind of entrepreneurship as the 4 x profit paradigm.

Piramide 2UK

School of Talents is not an institution, it is a peer 4 awareness driven cocreative movement. It positions itself in the pioneersphase of a new psycho-social age that is deploying itself among our global citizenship.  It is a participative educational format in which students and tutors together experiment with a new reality in four different phase:

  • vision: when students and adults get acquainted with the logic of the core conditions for sustainable regional and human progress then visions appear about “how things could or should be”.
  • pioneership: visions can be worked out into workable initiatives that have a potential societal impact.
  • persuasion: the initiatives are tested among target groups of citizens until a positive resonance is found. Economy is often seen as a trade driven activity of growth but for entrepreneurial pioneers it is a proof of concept. When people are willing to pay for something than it fullfils a need not just an ideological vision, it receives societal support.
  • marketing: as soon as a connection is made with the public investment routines then the persuasion phase develops into the traditional marketing activities of businesss development.

At this stage the School of Talents lets go and celebrates the “new ripe apple that falls from the sustainocratic tree”.  Schools of Talents are appearing in many places where people find inspiration in the core values and working methods of Sustainocracy. They all form a new age network of global cooperation sharing innovations and best practice among each other.



What do you hold yourself and others accountable for? What are your core values against which you make your decisions at home, in your job, on the street…..? 

These simple questions have the most complicated anwers. When we consider the consequences of our choices than we could repeat the accountability question again.

Definition of “Accountability” (Merriam Webster): an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions .

It hence is something else than responsability itself. Who is responsible for the global pollution for instance? And who is accountable? We probably anwer that we are all responsible but none of us is held or feels accountable. We either all are together or no one is specifically.

Definition of Sustainocracy: Sustainable human progress (evolution according 5 predefined natural core conditions) and Democracy (our freedom to choose our priorities among those core conditions).

When I introduced Sustainocracy as new societal instrument for sustainable human progress in reality I invited ourselves and our institutions to become accountable for 5 core conditions for our sustainable wellness and evolutionary skills.

5 core conditions

Does it change anything in our lives? Not really as an individual,  yet its effects are huge collectively. It simply affects the choices we make and against which we calibrate them. By doing so it modifies our discourse, our way of communicating with each other, our decisions, our design processes and the symbiotic interaction between people and institutions. The institutions start to deploy a new kind of commitment and operational activity while governance becomes oriented towards the proactive way of addressing and facilitating the development of these core conditions. For us individually it is just a choice, for our complex societies it represents a mayor turnaround.

Does it affect our economies? Sure! It makes them resilient, strong, independent and sustainable. When we make our politicians, business leaders and scientists accountable for those core conditions too then they develop their decisions accordingly and we create a global community of progress and resilience. It is simple and resolves, even heals our complex societies and issues.

Just try it and look at yourself and your surroundings from a core values Sustainocratic perspective. As a teaser you can download here our globally published “global health deal” after the example of the Brabants Health Deal.

Join AiREAS (healthy city development from air quality perspective)  and School of Talents (Participatory learning) as first sustainocratic cooperative models that work with this kind of accountability.

Food innovation the 5th floor

Aquaponics is a modern experiment to get cities more resilient in their own food dependence. The system is however expensive and has several technological and practical impediments that make it little competitive within the traditional food chain. In Eindhoven the initiative develops around a more holistic approach in which food is combined with other core priorities in a city. When dealt with in a fragmented, problem solving reality most remedial activities tend to be costly and vulnerable within the stress of politics and economics that seems to govern support. When managed as a combined Sustainocratic opportunity then it does become possible…

The current combination of this venture is:

  • Using real estate space available and in (temporary) disuse in a transformative situation
  • Aquaponics water, bio and light technology for maximized productivity
  • Personnel that needs special care (in the field of autism)
  • Direct connection between productivity and large scale consumption in town (no intermediaries): FRE2SH
  • Connection with educational (university, highschool) activities to solve issues that arise: School of Talents

Opening will be in February 2017. Beginning of the year the first plants were moved to their initial growth areas after incubation. Today the fish will be inserted…

Whitepaper Wellness Continuum

A simple change of words that heals our existence on this planet…..


With warm wishes


Hope and Progress

Hope and progress is an act of awareness driven cocreation


Let it be Christmas every day in our lives