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Art expression

The Power of Love is an indicator that shows the expressionist potential of the heart through passion, dedication, vision, leadership and artistic manifestation. Whether it is the design of scuptures, a dance, a painting, new design patterns for city and regional development or the entire redefintion of society. This united Natalia and Jean-Paul as feminine and masculine unification, creating together a powerfull community of passionate expressionist men and women that together contribute to local and global sustainable human development and progress.

If you see the world through the eyes of love a new reality appears. We express it through the art of living.

Transition theory and practical methods

We are all involved in a huge transition process. This is not new. It is a cyclic happening that repeats itself continuously in nature and human life. It is nothing to be afraid of or to fight against. It is called “evolution” but feels often like a “revolution”, individually and as an institution or society. The main challenge is to let go of old comfort and provide oneself space for all new stuff that deploys itself in it.

We all do it every second of the day and still feel uncomfortable when we sense lack of programming and control. In the City of Tomorrow communities it are our priorities that provide direction and reward with the open space we hold for applied innovation.

COS3I connects in Eindhoven people, cultures and Sustainocracy

It is 2 years ago now that COS3I was created as social inclusion and innovation community within the context of core human values driven Sustainocracy. We have organized and cocreated festivals with others, organize weekly international social dinners, regular musical jam sessions, involve people in positive health development, created a positivity “can do” media channel, organized walks with new neighbors, did and participated in full moon events, etc.

Digitalisering verandert de wereld maatschappij

via Digitalisering verandert de wereld maatschappij

Robotlove and Sustainocracy

Robotlove opens today as a 10 week event that questions our relationship with robots in general and opens up the dialogue on our dependence on technology. Are we being run by robots or are they there to helps us live a better life?

This is a fundamental discussion that also concerns us at City of Tomorrow while we consider our integral human resilience or lack thereof as we use systems to serve and destroy us. In essence our transformative initiatives hook on well with this. For instance the issue of food and our dependence of the economic system to access our primary needs. FRE2SH is our city farm initiative that unites about 30 different companies, production, food innovation, research, food processing, restaurants, etc into one food resilience circular eco-system. It is not a surprise that RobotLove decided to work with us for the catering of 400 volunteers as crew and 90.000 expected visitors.

We prepared salades, wraps, mexican tortillas, sweets and even city brewed special beers for the event. We also registered volunteers through our COS3I social inclusion activities. Sustainocracy is not just a theory,  it is put into practice as well. We are one big new world family!



School of Talents and Wellness

The School of Talents of the STIR Foundation is not a building or business, it is a cooperative venture between the Sustainocratic ideology o sustainable human progress and skills specific education. It adds meaning and purpose to the theory and develops individual awareness, self leadership, innovative creativity and values driven entrepreneurship. This drawing shows how it works.

School of Wellness (1)

For universities and schools it is a relatively small investment to work with the School of Talents, especially when also backed by programs such as Erasmus+. The deliverables are huge and demand also teacher’s involvement in order to cope with the self reflective demands of the students that go through the empowerment processes.

School of Talents can be implemented anywhere in the world in joined venture with STIR. We are writing now up to 40 programs with 8 European countries that develop around the large areas of priority developed in the City of Tomorrow. Examples are shown here but the scope can be unlimted:

Erasmus+ (1)

Give people a reason and some space and sustainable wellness appears through creative cocreation

The sustainocratic story of my 60th birthday

In our participatory society model, Sustainocracy, we create a good reason (sustainable human progress through development of our common core natural values) and space (our current living community and environment). Everyone can contribute in the cocreation by establishing priorities and creative coalitions that produce innovations that measurably contribute to this progress.

My 60th birthday was announced in the same way. Anyone who wanted to participate out of engagement with the special moment for me could do so. I just announced the date and arranged a location through a friendly neighboorhood building. The party itself should be a cocreation through the presence of those who could assist. Easily said but can it be done? Control oriented friends declared me “crazy” but trust me now after various experiences where I just allow things “to happen” and manifest through love, engagement, space and purpose.

On the evening itself I still had absolutely no idea what was going to happen and if at all anything would happen. Some 100 persons had liked the event on Facebook and about 30 had indicated that they would come. Various had told me that they would “maybe”. My first surprise was when I entered the space made available by the neighboorhood center. They had colorfully decorated it all in style, my favorite music was already playing and I received my first special beer out of first hand. An unprecedented act of love and kindness that left me speechless. Next to arrive was Marcel, a local who offered to be the DJ for the evening with a box full of old timer and popular music items. He would finally get us to dance until well after midnight.

Subsequently people started to arrive with all kind of surprises. South America was present with a birthday cake with the City of Tomorrow logo and made with dulce de leche from Argentina. And a pinata in the shape of the Playboy Logo! Just such impressive details made everything so lovable and caring. Thoughfullness was in every arrival, each touching me in great depth. People, so close to my heart but that I had never expected, walked in, leaving me in positive shock each time. Some even coming from far away. Someone(s) with whom I am going through intense emotional processes opened their heart fully to me, arriving together at the moments of maximum energetic resonance and heart to heart connectivity. Our African friends invited everyone to a circle in which we held our hands and speak out our feelings. The impact of what was said was a pure reflection and often suprising confirmation of the emotions I had felt. A grouphug followed with me in the center that made me feel as if the world had come to the desired unity, with the enormous diversity of people connecting in one through equality and togetherness. All love came together and was shared.

Most photos were kindly made by Milagros Maldonado (on the right here with my mother, admiring the cake her team had organized)