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STIR Logo representing the interaction of emotional, spiritual, rational and physical awareness into conscious levels of understanding

Recently the STIR Academy entered a commitment with the Smart City platform of Europe to share inspiration, innovations and best practice among the cities and regions.

It is also the underlying structure to create multinational ventures based on cooperative interaction of self employed, small and medium enterprises.

Our ambition: to create and manage an EU network of high level, videoconference based local HUBs that form the bilateral gateway of sharing value driven, best practice inspiration with the objective to implement the ideas locally through the creation of work and project groups according to our STIR formula.

This how it works:
STIR Academy invites local partners to estabish a STIR HUB or “Portal” (A lecture room for local encounters en internet presentations and interaction with pioneers). STIR Academy organizes sessions to interchange knowledge, inspiration and proven concepts for the sake local adaptation and implementation.

1. Local STIR HUB college: open info sharing
2. Local STIR work groups: make local implementation plans
3. Local and international STIR project groups: local and international entrepreneurial teams that may use EU funding

Anyone can set up a STIR hub and benefit from the network.

In Europe we ask 50€ per month for the membership of the STIR network that:
* enables the sharing of inspiring initiatives,
* creates European multi-national SME ventures for European calls and funding
* creates multi-national ventures for multidisciplinary initiatives,
* makes special training and support available for cross border and cocreation projects.

A STIR Hub should be able to be totally self sufficient throw low cost interaction with the local market of innovative change.

Outside Europe: upon mutual agreement of expectations and reciprocity.

Just contact us if interested.

Contact: Jean-Paul Close (jp@stadvanmorgen.com)

STIR Academy, global sustainocracy

STIR Academy, global sustainocracy

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