Maslow was wrong

The Lieberman correction:

Our School of Talents helps young people with Dyslexia, ADHD or Autisme to develop themselves and their talents through stimulating natural network functions of the brain. In our City of Tomorrow projects the same network dynamics are used to set up multidisciplinary co-creation platforms that address global issues locally. With our STIR Academy we help large organizations streamline their internal and external productivity by addressing the social network relationships between all the people involved.

It ALL comes down to how we live and relate together, and with our surroundings. The basic essential of a productive community is social interaction, that spiritual connection of life that connects everything that has come alive, right from the moment the first molecules come together into living patterns of birth, all the way up to the point of them breaking up again to become available for a new cycle of life.

Matthew Lieberman does research on this evolutionary brainfunction that governs our emotions and social activities. He claims that Maslow was wrong by defining the primary needs of us to be our physical basic requirements. We believe the Lieberman correction is correct.

In essence we agree with Lieberman. Where we all tend to go wrong in our thinking is that we take our life for granted and then simply reason about our primary needs to sustain life. Basicly this misperception is the cause of humankind to develop greed and hierarchies of power that ultimately endanger life. We cannot however take life for granted, certainly not as a self aware species. Life is a delicate energetic state between molecules that can be referred to as a social, not physical interaction. We often refer to this unique bondage as “spiritual”. Without this live provoking bondage we would not need to eat, find shelter or anything for that matter. Our physical needs are therefor captured between social energies at molecular level that expands across the entire life system, including human beings, and the awareness provoking issue of “meaning”.

This Lieberman correction has enormous consequences for our societies and the way we develop our societies. Sustainocracy is based on this new piramid and all our activities invite to this new social pattern of awareness, meaning, wellness, productivity and harmony.

Spiritual Transformation of Business interviews

This weekend I visited Andras Laszlo in his home in Brussels. Together we started the movement referred to as the Spiritual Transformation of Business (STB). The home of Andras is a library full of knowledge which he offered to the STB community to become the spiritual location in the center of Europe for encounters, interviews and the coordination of servant activities of support to the world of business in transition. Yesterday we downloaded a first recording of a recent encounter in his home. The intellectuals answer the questions of Andras of the new spirituality in business.

Soon we will start a blog that will collect more videos, share book reviews, introduces new members of this servant community and movement. We will also comment on best STB practice as it develops across the world.

Leadership inspiration


Together with our partner Andras Laszlo, ceo and founder of the STIR Foundation develops leadership of change throughout the world. Today Andras is in Dubrovnic where an inspiring leadership encounter is taking place with online participation from many countries.


Download here the program and topics covered: Dubrovnik – FINAL-Leadership-Course-Ad-Fellows

The Spiritual Transition in Business program is also in full development:

Februari 2015: Budapest (very successful)!

April 17th 2015:  Eindhoven (in Dutch) announcing the new spiritual society

June 2nd 2015: Internet of Things – High Tech Campus Eindhoven – Jean-Paul Close




Will we ever get out of our own dirt?

Two pictures on Twitter today got me to wonder what our chances still are as humankind.

Wave of air pollution
A wave of air pollution is travelling across Europe. On monday (April 23rd 2015) Paris closes for traffic.


Water pollution from nuclear disaster in Japan leaks and affects the world.


Antropoceen, the era of the 6th life destructive force since the birth of Earth, is attributed to modern humankind.

I tend to bring in some nuance. It can be attributed to organized human greed and lack of sufficiently established and followed harmony defending leadership.

At City of Tomorrow we do our best and certain initiatives grow fast (AiREAS, STIR Academy) but is it fast enough?

Love has no label

No words

Chai Ling’s under the dome

Jean-Paul Close:

With great admiration for this self aware Chinese citizen. AiREAS is on its way to sign a first memorandum of understanding with a Chinese province who wants to tackle this issue together.

Originally posted on Global AiREAS:

Here you find a short intro of the impressive document of Chai Ling about the air polution in China and her own awareness breakthrough when she realized how vulnerable her new born daughter was in this situation. The document is a statement that calls for responsibility in the whole world, not just China.

Her awareness breakthrough is similar to the one experienced by the founder of the City of Tomorrow and AiREAS, single father Jean-Paul Close, who also came to the life mission to cocreate a society in which health and safety is carried as basic responsibility above politics and economics. He also became aware when having to deal with his responsibility for his two small children. With the image created by Chai Ling and the sustainocratic organization for “healthy cities” of Jean-Paul Close through AiREAS we can take responsibility all together, first as human beings, fathers and mothers…

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In 2010 I was invited to talk during Inspiration Days commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the Earth Charter, a declaration of all kingdoms and leaders do take Earth seriously. Now, years later, I review my speech and still second it 200%. Furthermore. I made it happen, word for word, because I could not find anyone else:

Part 1 explains why….

Part 2 explains how…..

And we did. AiREAS, FRE2SH, STIR Academy and SAFE grow now. As they grow they introduce value driven change.

Nice to see it back.


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