Footprint redefined


Impressive truth

How come that such minute physical presence on Earth proves so destructive? Individually we may size up relatively small with a footprint of just 0.25 m2 if we stand up and do not move. But lifestyle wise we use 1000’s of m2 individually up to a point that we reach a point of singularity both in physical available space as our moral usage of it. We need to transform our lifestyles and usage of resources and space.

Usage of space:
When we look at a city and the behavior of a single human being you only have to consider your own daily usage of space to be surprised.

Summing up: We need a home to protect our intimicy and our integrity. We sleep horizontally, occupying already 10 x more space than standing up. We use tables, seats, space for different functions in our daily routine (relax, cook, eat, dress, bath, etc.). In family configuration we share functionality and space but in economic optimization of individualised lifestyles our space is just reserved for a single person.

We have created a culture to go to work nearly every day. We need a place to go where the work is executed. It is mostly a building where many gather for some kind of productivity with facilities, equipment, etc. While at work the space at home remains unused waiting for me to come back and vice versa. Between home and work there is variable distance that is covered with mobility. A diversity of options are at my disposal to choose from. When I choose one than the other options remain unused but occupy space while waiting.


I can only be at one place at Any time


Meanwhile a lot of space is reserved for usage

Whatever I choose to use needs storage at the place of arrival and an infrastructure in between. Our individualised consumer culture has stimulated me to have all the options in property including elements, such as a car, that proves extremely space and energy consuming.

In a city we are not consuming what we produce ourselves so our work generally is not related directly to the supply of my basic needs. These I acquire from a parallel infrastructure of logistics, shop surface and storage of my vehicles of access. Waste that I produce has yet another parallel infrastructure.


We want to see abundance even if we throw 50% away in the process

While this represents my daily routine as average adult citizen we also have children, elderly people, visitors, pets, etc that need their own modified facilities. My life is even more complex because in my spare time or holidays, when not at rest, I seek thrills through recreation, sport, travel, etc. All this needs still different facilities and infrastructures.


Holiday space

Summing up my own space and footprint I come to an astonishing figure that has nothing to do with my physical presence when standing still.

Transforming reality
When I realize this and consider the time spent in a traffic jam, wasted at some desk and doing different things in different places. Then I realize that we are doing it all wrong. Reducing my personal footprint requires attention to all the above. When I look at other species dealing with their reality of massive cohabitation I see:



Ant heap



The diversity is huge but the interaction is finetuned and usage of space optimized for self sufficiency. Everything is related to the rest in harmony even though growth, chaos and evolution takes place. The adaptive nature of everything is often breathtaking as well as the multifunctionality of infrastructures and relationships. There is a huge degree of reciprocity among interrelated species while competition is avoided. The footprint of any other species is relative to its size since every is always reusable and temporary in use.

Transforming my own life I become very much more active directly from home. I reduced my living space to a small sleeping area and working space for my laptop. I coordinate Sustainocracy programs with over 30.000 people now involved without hardly the need to travel. When I do I use a bike for local encounters and trains for stuff further away. Videoconference is ideal for metings in between. I have no office, nor does any of my multidisciplinairy ventures.

For food, energy and recreation I established FRE2SH, a co creative exercise to facilitate directly our direct consumption needs without hardly any logistics, loss or distribution system. Sharing our space and productivity with utmost application of innovative enhancements and scientific knowledge we use much more vertical space per m2 than before. We work in 5 levels for food: Under the ground, on the surface, bush and tree levels with animal life in between. We also want to do food exercises with insects and fish in the future. We do not work in mono food cultures but establish diversity of eatable species experimenting with harmony and abundance in productivity.

We hardly work with oil consuming machines. We do not sell products or services but invite people to participate and share in the results. Space previously used for mobility or parking is now used for real productivity. Our self sufficiency from self interest also develops a new biodiversity of species around us. Insects, birds, small animals etc start cohabitation with us demanding a new kind of knowledge development and awareness. We integrate our local rural options with the benefits of the city. A degree of self sufficiency uses up space in a much more efficiënt way reorganizing personal and collective economy too, with less financial dependence and more sense of stressless stability. It is even much less activity demanding while much more rewarding in direct productivity and multiple benefits.

We experiment with the objective of redefining our footprint. Of course we find multiple limitations in our surroundings caused by the fragmented multiplication of wasted space that is kept in place by all those old interests. Still plenty of opportunities arise to learn and do things that start small and start expanding as more effort and people get committed. It is a process that shows exponential growth but starts teasingly slow.

Having pioneered with it I am convinced that we can restructure cities and entire societies by committing to the reducing of our real footprint by letting go of our previous life while reconstructing a new one as we go. My current footprint is probably about 1/1000s of what it used to be and my quality of life has increased by various factors. And I have only started. When further along the line the change will be more and more visible as I get my entire city to transform with me.


FRE2SH (city self sufficiency) in action

Webinars on value driven entrepreneurship

Value driven entrepreneurship is the 21st century innovative way of proactively connecting to our reality. It has very different characteristics than the product or services driven past. Having pioneered with it for over 15 years now, even up to the level of creating and working with a totally new society model (Sustainocracy), 5 books,  4 cooperative initiatives, world wide publications, speeches, etc it is time to connect to the world through a series of international webinars.

The webinars will be in English:
* Duration of 1 hour
* At 2 different times for Eastern and Western hemisphere coverage from the Netherland’s point of view.
* Every webinar is stand alone but can be structured at will to become a value driven coaching and interaction program.
* Webinars are limited to a certain number of participants depending on the level of interest and interaction required.
* Webinars will be repeated as often as interest is confirmed.

Topic driven:
I will initially deal with the following topics seperately:

1. The piramide paradigm of value driven entrepreneurship
2. 21st century leadership versus management
3. How does AiREAS work?
4. The economy of 3 value systems
5. Starting a business without money
6. Three levels of ethics
7. The awareness cycle

If interested in being invited (without need to participate) please react to this post or send a DM to

City development is a complex ethical issue

Recently I was asked to participate in the Power to the City debat

Recently I was asked to participate in the Power to the City debat

Modern city development is a confrontation with ethics
City development is a human path along ethical breakthroughs and value driven leadership, based on wellness and harmony. Some cities in the world take the lead (eg New York, Eindhoven). Many others show horrible signs of decadence, speculation and chaos.

Ethics guides our evolution

Leaps in Ethics guides our evolution

Using the complexity model (organization versus ethics, TO DO versus TO BE) in relation to the impressive explosive expansion of cities we can see that the city environment has become the utmost melting pot of speculative decadence and an ethical leadership challenge without precedence.

Just have a look at the evolution of London from 1800 till now:

The expansion leap of the city is especially spectacular from 1950 onwards. It is fully in line with the mathematical exponential function of doubling over a fixed time 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc) as explained so magnificently by Dr. Bartlett in 2002 and so neglected by the general people out of unawareness or complexity while manipulated by self interest of banks and governments. Where does ethics come in when a doubling time of just 30 years requires millions of homes to be built and financed? When all this spectacular affluence of people needs food to eat, energy in their homes, products, services and medical care to overcome their accidents and illnesses? Where is it when all the above has been economized in controlling hands of politicians, bureaucrats, banks and competitive business enterprises that only have growth on their mind of power and control? What happens when all this needs to be connected with infrastructures of roads, logistics and waste management? Where does one place priorities?

For decades the choice was obvious. Attending “Growth” had priority number 1 and was complicated enough to manage and interesting enough for greed and apathy to develop hand in hand.

Consequence driven governance
When you are a city government between 1950 and 2000 you tend to see this evolution as a big, growing pile of costs to be dealt with in 4 year democratic blocks. The city financing comes mainly from taxation (soil, real estate, consumption patterns) often with the burden of a national government in between as political and bureaucratic extra. The political focus easily becomes related to income through taxes, city services, lobbies and expense priorities, and in many cases even very personal interests of enrichment, power and manipulation. The evolution of the city tends to be chaotic and based on urgency to solve growth pains rather than moral planning. In this short video we see someconsequences of chaotic growth:

Big infrastructural needs and survival initiatives of ordinary people mingle. This short video is just as clear. Just wonder where the kids play…

The total lack of ethics results in unprecedented levels of pollution, sickness and ghetto forming, even in modern cities of the western world. The distance between rich and poor grows including decadence at both extreems. Secondary consequences, such as air and water pollution, criminality, sustainability issues in humanitarian and ecological ethics, etc. are unfortunate burdens that did not immediately fit into the expansion model of working with political or economic priorities of growth. All this is crazy if we realize that placing all 7 billion human beings sholder to sholder in rows “bud to belly”, the entire world population would fit into the smallest province of the Netherlands (Utrecht). And many know how small the Netherlands is already.

Impressive truth

Impressive truth

If all people together occupy so little space why are we such a huge, destructive footprint on our planet Earth? That’s because we use our time, space, creativity and interaction wrongly.

Ready for change
The cities have grown so big, complex, problematic and vulnerable from management point of view that a new way of dealing with its household and community interaction is needed. The old bureaucratic model of tax versus expenses does not cover the needs anymore. Nor does the model of consumer economics that make people in cities extremely vulnerable for financial speculation, destruction of values, illnesses, etc. Cities tend to run into severe debt while responsibility piles up without apparent solutions in the old model.

The Sweed Hans Rosling made an interesting TED speech about the statistical growth of our global populations and the evolution of wellness versus poverty using his usual creative presentation techniques:

Rosling addresses the paradox of ethical need of child survival to stop the exponential expansion of the human population. He refers also to the moral need to bring together wellness by taking responsibility together. His logic makes sense even though the complexity of harmonic interaction with our environment with involvement of all structures of society was only briefly referred to.

As mentioned there are very powerful speculative forces at work that have always gone beyond governance control, facilitated by politics from the economic interest point view. Take for instance the tremendous food requirement for such large city populations (70% of all people in the world are consumers through money dependence in cities and they do not contribute to their food productivity) has stimulated the same speculants that corrupted the real estate market to do the same in the other commodities markets.

These people (real estate, food whole sale, politicians, banks) only care for the financial benefit and there are no laws against their malicious practice. Behind all these manipulative figures we find millions of real people suffering and dying, but this does not bother them. They often determine the rules of the game, the countries laws and public pressure out of self interest. The tension between such contrasting challenges and world views is a confrontation with our moral evolution. The ethical breakthrough tends to come through three means:

  1. When the masses stand up against their dictators. The Arabic spring was an example as a response to raising food prices. The Mexican youth movement in response to the student massacre by corrupt politicians and drug cartels, is yet another. 100’s of such hotspots can now be found in the world. And it spreads through social media and brave bottom up leadership.
  2. When crisis, catastrofes or depression give room for change. In many places fragmented power distribution makes executives aware that they cannot stop the public movement of change. The open up for dialoge and exchange their position of power to block for their authority facilitated change and gain admiration for that.
  3. When ethical leadership takes over from financial management. New value systems appear. They develop in parallel with old obsolete formal structures. They are not transactional but based on value creation and sharing. New organisational complexities arise that eventually take over from the old ones including the new level of ethics in their structure. Sustainocracy is a working example that invites executives from the old world to take responsibility also in the new one and bridge the transformation in a peaceful way.

Complex transformation
No matter what the outcome is per city the transformation processen are enormous because everything that evolved for centuries and especially the last few decades is being challenged to change. Many cities experience this as yet another cost but in Eindhoven we see it as a modern multidisciplinary value creation process, an emerging economy based on spirituality (the natural force of purpose driven living connectivity) and creativity (true 21st century entrepreneurship) that is more powerful than the old speculative one.

FRE2SH (city self sufficiency) in action

FRE2SH (city self sufficiency) in action

The biggest difficulty is to transform a working city of cement and cars into a biodiversity of health, safety and productive interaction. We do not start from scratch but transform our past into sustainable progress. This will always go accompanied with tearing down old structures and developing new ones. Precedent appear allover the world but decadence and greed still rules. When ethics reaches the levels of global governance the human world will enter its next evolutionary phase. The 3 level of ethics, the one of harmony with ourselves and our environment.


Visions start circulating

Visions start developping

The transformation of government is visualized in this summing up:

Different types of government

Transforming from one governance to the other needs others to become participatory too.

Jean-Paul Close (Founder of STIR’s City of Tomorrow)

The unappreciated 7th sense

The 7th sense

Communication is a rationalized skill that we tend to take for granted. Yet it is one of the most complex influential factors, in addition to our other 6 natural senses (smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing and spirituality, the latter being the equally underestimated inner or gut feeling, the 6th sense).

Communication has to do with expression, interpretation and influencing. We use ALL our senses to give communication a rationalized content but treat information in a processed way using existing formats stored in our minds. The 7th sense is a summing up of our regulated preception, expressed by putting it into words or some other means, influencing others with our points of view. The interaction between people and their expressions adds a unique dimension to our existence, one that is manipulated, subject to scientific research, learning processen and awareness breakthroughs . In “normal” situations our communication can be largely predictable, which is our biggest trap of blocked and distorted realities.

In our current days, with radio, television, internet, etc this unique 7th sense is determining largely how humankind will develop, liberating itself from old dogmas, hierarchies of power and destructive social structures. This movement of liberation affects us all and has many expressions prior to arriving at a common consensus of value driven progress and harmony.

To understand our own senses and skills we first need to become rationally, rather than intuitively, fully aware of their existence, including the true value and threat of our own 7th sense and the effect of it upon us when influenced by others. Then we’ll also become aware of our entrapment, potential freedom and in the end maybe of more things, such as “responsibility” and “sustainable progress”.

Deaf and deprived of communication 
To clarify my point just have a look at this African boy, Patrick, that seemed to be deprived from this 7th sense, unaware of his own potential, even though he has all the other underlying senses, except hearing. See what happens when he becomes aware of this 7th sense, available to him despite his hearing handicap:

The new Patrick has a world of difference ahead of him. Did you see him smile. What a change! From fearful, locked up misery to open brightness and interaction. He is a visualized example of someone who experiences a new level of awareness and breakthrough. He entered a new paradigm. It is easy to understand his breaking through and may fill us with joy as we identify and emphasise with the boy. Yet it is very difficult to see ourselves as Patricks, each with our own sensory handicap(s) or lack of open, transparant rationalization abilities using all our 7 senses. We tend to believe we use them all until something happens that shows that we don’t. Looking back we will see the same transformation but beforehand it seems impossible to anticipate.

It can however be learned.

We all tend to be like the old Patrick, deprived of our senses 
In our daily lives communication tends to become a routine that does not reach our awareness anymore. We automatically react (for 99%) to impulses that we are used to, educated to interprete, and fear everything else. This is normal.

A new born baby opens the eyes and watches the faces of the parents while hearing their voices. We become familiarized with the sounds and images that belong to it. We observe the reaction of those images when we produce early sounds ourselves. A crying baby for instance will set off a whole series of natural responses. The baby learns to interact with sounds and gestures by interpreting the reactions. As we grow older there is a lot that we can predict in our action/reaction routines and we give it no second thought. It becomes automated.

When we grow up in a particular culture we get “educated” in perceiving our reality in a certain way. We apply our safely rationalized, automated 99% as if we are living inside a preprogrammed bubble of action and reactions that are all considered “normal”. Just look at YouTube films of traffic in places around the world. For those who live the daily reality it is normal. For other who observe from elsewhere it is a drama.

Our entire society is made up out of such communicative coloring of our “normative” reality. Internet is breaking through these bubbles as we can suddenly peak into new realities that are different from ours. We get into an emotional tension of determining what is right. Our world views or what we observe from elsewhere. Especially when we are questioning our own reality out of personal pain or need for inspiration we open up for paradigm shifts. We call this “the evolution of ethics”.

Transforming reality
My own bubble of perception burst the first time when I left my well payed executive job in Spain. Everything that had seemed normal was gone and nothing had taken its place. I had to become aware again of ALL my senses and when that happened my face illuminated just like that of Patrick. In my international career I had learned to cancel out my senses and tune in solely on the status and money driven reality. When my senses were activated again, breaking through into my rational world, a totally new perception of reality displayed itself to me. I became aware again of colors, smells, spiritual connectivity, etc. It had of course always been there but my senses had been blocked. I had been deaf, blind and mentally disturbed for a long time.

The second time it happened to me was when I moved back to Holland, my country of birth, and noticed that the original genetic energy that I carried as a Dutchman was not the same anymore as the reigning energy within the country. It opened up my mind to try to find out why. Slowly I discovered that my fellow Dutch had eliminated many of their senses, making them vulnerable and dependent at the same time. They had become old Patricks living in a bubble full of fear and deprived of a sense of full reality. Deaf, blind, speechless and insensitive to the 6th sense. It was often impossible for me to communicate with them. They all would react like the old Patrick, fearful and evasive.

I realized that it was not just the Dutch. Billions of people in the world live their robotized life in their 99% bubbles of fear and deprived freedom. My own liberation had come through intense changes in my personal situation that had opened up my original 6 senses changing my usage of the 7th sense (communication). Instead of trying to sell my views to people I started to invite them to my extrasensory world.

How to orchestrated our senses, even if we lack one?
The teacher of Patrick showed caringly that being deaf is not a handicap that stands communication in the way. We all need to accept that all 7 senses exist and are available to us. We can learn how to use them to the full for our joy, benefit and sustainable progress, without the depriving manipulations or handicapped fears.

All people have all these 7 senses but certain malicious human forces have tried to manipulate them for many thousands of years. When we gain access, through crises or voluntary exercise, we see reality in a new way and things start to happen in freedom of creativity and self regulatory forces. One of the biggest challenges is to give humankind her senses back and step up evolution.

A simple creative expression we share here. If you want to share one of your own please feel free to react to this post:

Health is a responsibility not a cure

Often I am asked to speak about the AiREAS organization, a multidisciplinary cooperation that co-creates “healthy cities, with healthy people in a healthy environment”. The presentations have to do with the importance of “health” for the progressive stability of a community, such as a city and the current lack of it, causing all kinds of crises. I then call for responsibility and awareness with a strong sense of urgency. Now I make you also part of the challenge that affects everything and everybody.

What is “health”?

The World Health Organization (WHO) already defined health in 1948:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Healthy people tend to take health for granted while only people with a direct or indirect health problem become aware of the importance of health for their well being.  This would indicate that health is only a point of attention for sick people. They tend to rely on health care, a reactive structure within society that deals with the visible part of disease or disorder. The lack of proactive attention to health is showing up in global issues, the local productivity and cost of living. The proactive nature of AiREAS for human health and a healthy environment is breaking through into those cultures where the societal sickness has become a serious impediment. People and policy makers open up to the issue of what “health” really is and become surprised of the ethical issue of negligence that has affected our species to an extend of lethal proportions. This breakthrough in awareness leads to a totally new perception of our reality and a new phase of ethics that transforms our societies in a complex wave of interrelated innovations.

In order to make people aware of what health is I use a few animated films. This one has proven to be significant:

Mitochondria are the little engines of our cells. Some believe that they are evolutionary remains of the first single cell life forms that represent complex life on Earth already 600 Million years after Earth was born out of stardust, 5 Billion years ago. The single cell’s working is an illustration of how life works at microscopical level. There is no sign of pollution, just an intense repetitive harmonic interaction with a large diversity of inter-molecular relationships. Water is a key carrier.

A human being consists of billions of such cells with mitochondria. These cells of our own body, together with cells of the bacterial world that populates our organism in symbiosis, help us to live life comfortably in a well orchestrated, material and spiritual complexity. In essence every living human body is a universe of its own with billions of species interacting and helping us live a comfortable life. Trying to understand this in a rational way is the same as trying to find out how life and the universe work.

But what happens when we pollute this delicate living interaction?

Then I ask my audience what could happen when we pollute the mitochondrial world? What if we tamper with the harmonic interaction at atomic and microscopical level? This is the case when I show the effects of Ultra Fine Particles (UFP) on our body, as discovered in AiREAS and other scientific research at microscopic level. UFP’s may have a biological nature that is solved by the defense mechanisms of our human body. We refer to pollution when the UFP’s contain human made substances that our body cannot deal with. They produce infections, blockage of arteries, lung and brain problems, intestinal disorder, etc.

The WHO has declared Air Pollution as number 1 cause of death in public space, 3 times more than traffic accidents!

By comparison:

  • The water catastrophe in Holland in 1953 claimed a one time amount of 1500 human deaths. The Dutch government decided to take protective action by starting the construction of our water defense systems that are now being seen as one of the modern world miracles and a source of inspiration and innovative economic progress.
  • Air pollution in the 21st century claims over 3000 deaths per year in this same country. Instead of declaring its a catastrophy the money driven government wants to make it into a business case first.

The immorality of the current system’s approach is one of the key issues that we will face. 1953 was a time frame within the moral sensitivity that remained after WorldWar I and II. Since the 70’s this morality has transformed into a financial dependence in which human wellness is subject to business development rather than ethics.

AiREAS is “Making the invisible visible”:

“What you cannot see does not exist” is a common awareness problem. Most people are unaware that pollution causes three levels of reaction at molecular level:

  • Infectious deformation at birth or at a later stage in life (physical and behavioral)
  • (Premature) Death
  • Genetic disturbance

All these issues do not show at once, they appear gradually and shock people when they give birth to a baby with visible and invisible problems, develop cancer and other diseases inside their own bodies, suffer the premature death of a loved one, or face death oneself, all due to our overall lack of awareness and related negligence.

We have been pollution our environment to such an extend that it is causing climate change, global heating and general disturbance of our habitat. When reflecting on the mitochondria people suddenly realize is that our microscopical reality is a mirror image of the universe that surrounds us. When we pollute our surrounding we pollute our microscopic self as well. The anthropocene (the era in which human beings affected life on Earth in such a dramatic way that it can be traceable for ever in the future) is not just a potential archaeological reality but also biological and genetic.

Common sense or shameless greed?

Common sense or shameless greed?

It is tough to accept that the lifestyle issue that causes the visible consequences today in healthcare costs and human suffering already dates back in development for many centuries. It just got more intense over time and hence more apparent. In any gathering I can safely state that 70% of all the people present will die of some sort of cancer that could have been avoided. The same goes for all those who read this, including me and my loved ones. For some the drama of awareness makes them feel desperate, others, like me and many feel highly motivated to stand up and develop ethical alternatives for society.

Scientists claim that our species and way of organizing ourselves will auto-eliminate our human species within 250 years. Banks, money driven governments and businesses are to blame and so are we in our greed to consume at the expense of our evolutionary well being. It is hard to accept that people who feel healthy today already have severe illness programmed inside their being simply because of the pollution that has accumulated inside and around us.

We suddenly realize that “health” is not a matter of curing a decease yet a collective responsibility towards life itself. It starts with ourselves.

3 levels of ethics

This then brings me to the evolution of ethics (the philosophical science of determining what is “good behavior”) and the gradual break through into awareness that appears around the world:

  1. Negligence and unawareness
  2. Reactive to illness
  3. Proactive for health

But awareness is not enough. Our current societies are built around negligence (fragmented money driven interests of economies of growth)  and the reactive, consequence driven secondary economies (health care, insurance and consequence driven tax on consumption).

People claim responsibility world wide

People claim responsibility world wide

Healthcare is only dealing with the superficial issues of illnesses in an economy directed by medical care and pharmaceutical industries. They do not cure the problem, they suppress it, mask it, stretch it or cut it away.

To take responsibility in a proactive way in a community that is not just addressing the holistic issue of health, we also challenge the entire system’s complexity built around economies of care. The care taking system is not based on ethics but financial instruments that use the human being, just like the banks expose us to debts and governments sustain themselves through taxation. We see that the political and economized care system itself is unhealthy, unethical and inhuman, part of the problem rather that the solution, despite the human passion of people who populate the workforce of caring professionals.

A huge humanitarian problem is facing us

A huge humanitarian problem is facing us

From an economic point of view the costs of lack of health are unbearable. In Holland alone the costs have multiplies by 5 in 8 years time (from 12 to 72 billion between 2006 and 2014!)), not just because we grew more ill or older with an equivalent increase on demand of care. The cause of the exponential cost explosion is the same as what caused the bank crisis in 2008, being the system’s corruption and total lack of morality in finance driven care organizations that use human fear and pain to increase their own institutional financial wealth. While certain governance and human beings break through into awareness and sense of responsibility it are the corrupt secondary systems and their leaders that oppose and maintain a degree of system sickness that is as difficult to address as health itself, simply because the financial lobby is more important than the human wellness.

Ethics is hence an issue that goes beyond the human being and addresses also the way we organize and redefine our societies. This is the biggest challenge humankind faces. Awareness only breaks through into change when the pain is highest, i.e. when it is almost too late. This means that we have very limited time left over to take corrective and proactive measures at the expense of our disappearance as a species if we don’t. And even if we react with urgency we still face the issue of making “the invisible visible”, just to find out that the damage may be beyond repair.

AiREAS is step 3 in structured ethics:

The new society is proactively human value driven. AiREAS is a precedent of Sustainocracy.

The new society is proactively human value driven. AiREAS is a precedent of Sustainocracy.

AiREAS and its sustainocratic working is hence not a cure, it is a collective ethical responsibility, an evolutionary step and a precedent that could be adopted by the United Nations, the human rights organizations and the International Court of Justice. By making the precedent visible and known to the world we invite the world to follow our example out of holistic self preservation.

AiREAS uses the puzzle pieces of the same society that make up the phase 2 (reactive) ethical community yet in a different, phase 3 ethical composition. This drawing shows how it works and that is very easy to implement if the right people, at the right levels of authority are willing to accept the invitation to co-create health and step from the dis-harmonic phase 2 type of society to the harmonic phase 3 type.

AiREAS is connecting responsibilities around the purpose represented by the blue field

AiREAS is connecting responsibilities around the purpose represented by the blue field of co-creation

  • Create: business innovators
  • Area: local government
  • Learn: scientists
  • Behave: local citizens (culture)
  • Sustainocrat: the representative of human values in jeopardy

Jean-Paul Close

Starting a Local AiREAS in a city

Jean-Paul Close:

How to start a Local AiREAS movement for Aur Quality, Health and Quality of Life in your own city?

Originally posted on Global AiREAS:

The following document provides you with background information and steps to start a Local AiREAS “healthy city” citizens movement in your city with scientific, industrial and government support. At the bottom you can download all pages in a pdf:

Understanding AiREAS

Understanding AiREAS

Complex tension between systems (nature and economical)

Complex tension between systems (nature and economical)

Smart City and H2020 approach

Smart City and H2020 approach

International 4a

First the ILM measurement system

The start cross referencing data for effects

The start cross referencing data for effects

Trigger citizen's entrepreneurship for change

Trigger citizen’s entrepreneurship for change

Calibrate, focus on quality and results

Calibrate, focus on quality and results

Expand worldwide

Expand worldwide

You can download here the entire AiREAS international pdf

View original

Start a STIR Academy HUB

STIR Academy is becoming the European standard for inspiration sharing and co-creation for sustainable human progress (Sustainocracy). We deal with the growth potential of promising and proven pioneers in member city and countries. The network is reciprocally based (you give and get 100 back) from inspiration to realization.

Introducing STIR Academy

Introducing STIR Academy

Below you can download the pdf as well

Below you can download the pdf as well

Excellence needs to grow

Excellence needs to grow

The pdf can be downloaded here: STIR Academy international


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